Combating Female Genital Mutilation

This activity is the first block in the project. It aims to improve solidarity and performance of women from FGM practicing communities and facilitate their collective engagement in issues related to them.  We mobilise resource people in the community to use their qualifications and engage in improving lives of the rest of the communities. That is, it aims to build confidence and improve the capacity of resource people to identify and provide needs of the rest of the communities.

Facilitators are trained to run two-days course to raise awareness of other women in the community in Glasgow and Edinburgh about Combating Female Genital Mutilation.  Themes covered are the definition of FGM and its types, the physical and mental health impact of FGM; the Child Protection Act and law and human rights related to FGM; FGM and gender identity, religious beliefs and social and sexual consequences of FGM as well as available related services.

My Voice:

TFB supported My Voice research project where the project manager and eight Sudanese women from both cities participated in the PEER training, collected rich data, and the manager of the project provided translation and interpretation, debriefing and analysis. (My Voice Report 2017).

My voice established a forum for FGM practicing communities’ organisations, and the project manager of women’s Aid project is nominated to represent the communities in the Scotland FGM National Action Plan Implementation Group.

The International Zero Tolerance Day for FGM